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About janakins42

Post  janakins42 on Fri Mar 18, 2011 11:15 am

Hey all:

Im Jan Behnke and Director for art media for Station 9452. I have been apart of the team since day 2 or 1...lets say since the beginning.

That's not my only job though! I also work as a material handler for Microchip Technology Inc. I am also a mother of 1 son who is autistic. 2 full time jobs and 1 part time...wow you would believe I was Superwoman...lol.

I love love love music...it is my passion. Without it, life would be difficult and hazardous to others ;-) I listen to rock, hard rock,alternative rock, classic rock, grunge, metal, heavy metal, industrial, steampunk influenced, symphonic goth...I also appreciate other genres such as pop, classical, some country and some rap (mostly old school stuff), dub step...my mind is open!

I have been doodling, drawing, creating masterpieces since I was 4yrs old. My inspiration came from watching all of those Saturday morning cartoons. Walt Disney cartoons has been the fuel that burned inspiration into me to become an artist. Dreams are often different after you become an adult and the real world doesn't always throw you the right card.

I live life to the some what fullest. I love to hike, spend time with my family, go to church, and hang out with friends.

Enjoy what our station has to offer Smile


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Re: About janakins42

Post  Admin on Sat Mar 19, 2011 12:46 am

The master cat and all his minions welcome you aboard the station! Twisted Evil

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